DigitalGlobe Radiant Solutions SSL

Advanced Tradecraft and Agile Intelligence

Providing context for decision makers that extends and deepens traditional analysis

Scalable Expertise

The diversity of rapidly emerging mission needs requires a highly configurable, innovative, technology-enabled workforce. Our agile teams provide situational context via data, multi-disciplinary expertise and tools to better address the operational tempo of today’s threat profile

Supporting critical national security missions like counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency and ISR tasking and exploitation

Our flexible teams apply tools and tradecraft to unclassified data to create robust solutions to customer problem sets

Seasoned intelligence analysts, engineers and developers provide mission critical support



Rapid Action Technology and Predictive Analytics Cell (RATPAC) is a multidisciplinary team brought together to create robust solutions to customer problem sets through the fusion of technology, specialized software tools and unclassified data.

Comprehensive Analytics

In-depth, unclassified reports that contextualize diverse environments and recommend solutions for the world’s most challenging issues.