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Interactive Mission Planning

High-powered computing that drastically reduces the production time needed for terrain analytics.

By Land or by Sea

Radiant Solutions Interactive Mission Planning systems let analysts ask more from elevation and topographic data and oceanographic analyses. We harness the power of cloud computing to create reliable scaled analytic outputs for any environment.

Mobility and navigation systems that show mission planners and warfighters the way to safety

Terrain orientation information to help cell tower planning and response to flooding and fires

Oceanographic data analytics to help sea captains find fish faster Integrated topographic data like satellite, weather and local information supports precision agriculture—enabling smarter planting and harvesting schedules


Marine Services

Addressing today’s critical maritime challenges by delivering ocean intelligence derived from Earth observation satellites, the world’s leading global ocean models, data from satellite tracking systems and expert advice.

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Agribusiness products that integrate meteorological and high-resolution satellite data with crop model simulations and ground-truth inventories to provide continuously updated agricultural weather information.

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A high-performance terrain and raster analysis system that leverages the best-available computing resources to let users create highly accurate terrain products in a fraction of the usual time.

SeaStar Fisheries Information Service

Fish-finding maps give pelagic fishing operations the tools they need for more efficient purse seining, long-lining and trolling—cutting search time and saving fuel.