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Foundational GEOINT Production

Producing high-quality foundational geospatial intelligence at a global scale

Enhance Your Global Maps

Radiant Solutions applies automation and crowdsourcing to traditional intelligence production methods to produce high-quality foundational GEOINT (including imagery, mapping features and enrichment) at a global scale. This is the “fuel” analysts, mission planners and warfighters need to better plan and execute their critical missions.

Automated extraction and crowdsourcing help mission planners classify and validate crucial human landscape features

Identifies natural features like land use land cover, roads and power lines, urban features, weather, soilscapes and more

Extensive applicability in the commercial sector, including disaster response, socio-cultural mapping (economics, education, social services), emergency medical services, natural resource planning and more


Urban Change (urchn)

Answering the questions “where do I need to map next” and “how do I update more efficiently” by utilizing change analytics to fill in the missing areas with rapidly extracted features and enriched data.


A next-generation global image mosaic with current imagery that provides improved positional accuracy, enhanced spatial resolution and a virtually cloud-free representation of the entire globe.

Human Landscape (HGIS)

Comprehensive geo-databases in analysis-ready format that augment high-resolution DigitalGlobe imagery with rich attribution and metadata to detail core human geography themes across country and metro-wide scales.