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Persistent Change Detection

Making sense of our changing world at both micro and macro levels.

Expose Change

As an imagery analyst, you receive thousands of images from multiple sources daily and are asked to find what changed. You’re really good at what you do, but the odds are stacked against you. Automated change detection capabilities from Radiant Solutions gives you the ability to quickly and effectively focus your attention on the areas of important change.

The leader in global change detection for construction activity

A huge variety of use cases supported, including broad area search, facility monitoring and resource prioritization and analysis

Helps analysts do more work in less time with better results



Frequent Temporal Change (FTC) captures activity using higher temporal satellite collections with as few as two image collection dates— providing a tipping and cueing mechanism for higher-resolution imagery or assets.


Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM) is an image-based change detection data layer that uses patented Radiant Solutions scale-and sensor-independent algorithms to draw immediate attention to areas of new construction activity.