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Sensor Data Enrichment

Helping you get the most out of your data investment

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You’ve invested heavily in gathering datasets for your areas of interest. But to harvest the most actionable information out of that raw data, you need to overcome some common obstacles—including limitations in imagery, inconsistent or insufficient accuracy and resolution and more. Radiant Solutions has the technical expertise to enrich your data and maximize your investment.

Image geoprocessing to compensate for poor imaging conditions like low light and atmospheric turbulence

Improved spatial accuracy for confidence in decision making

Motion GEOINT correlation for a clearer picture of what’s happening now

raw image raw image


AFIX Tracker

Multi-modal identification including face, fingerprint and palm print. Maintain and search your own fingerprint and palm print database, and expand the search across the country.


Imaging Through Volume Turbulence (IVT) provides clearer electro-optical and infrared imagery (EO/IR) when imaging through conditions that can cause degradation—including atmospheric turbulence, snowfall and low-light conditions.