DigitalGlobe Radiant Solutions SSL

Constellation Modeling & Mission Management

Harnessing the disruptive potential of proliferated sensors to global Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions

Seeing It All from Space.

You’re responsible for orchestrating a growingly complex array of satellite systems with highly diverse capabilities and coverage—and you need help maximizing its possibilities. Radiant Solutions offers the constellation management solutions you need to optimize your mission’s view from space.

View existing or create new collection requirements/orders on the fly

Perform complex feasibility of EO, Radar or other sensor types in just seconds

Schedule one to many assets in an orchestrated constellation with exquisite sensor and constraint detail



An ISR high-fidelity simulator with agile software that easily accommodates new assets, payloads and requirements scenarios that occur during a Multi-Resolution Analysis process.


A high-performance software foundation for GEOINT collection requirements management, collection feasibility and multi-vehicle scheduling.