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GEOINT Processing, Cataloging, Discovery and Access

Access the data you need when and where your mission requires it

Liberate Your Data.

Take the heavy lifting out of data access and discoverability. Radiant Solutions offers a number of cutting-edge, cloud-native capabilities to help you catalog, discover and access your geospatial intelligence and assure mission success. Maximize time to analysis by accessing the content you need from the cloud.

Systems currently managing millions of images operationally for our customers

Real-time access, processing and analytics for datasets containing billions of inputs

Fully exploit collected data outside the visual spectra, including SAR



Built atop open technologies, OSSIM Mapping Archive (OMAR) facilitates geospatial asset searches on the basis of location, time and other metadata, then dynamically processes the search results to create value-added products on the fly.

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ISR Processing and Exploitation

Sensor-agnostic cloud architectures designed for low-latency, scalable GEOINT processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED).


Pioneered by Radiant Solutions and open sourced by the NGA, this spatiotemporal indexing and analysis tool lets developers effectively manage large-scale GEOINT datasets containing billions of spatiotemporal data points.