DigitalGlobe Radiant Solutions SSL

Sensor Modeling and Systems Engineering and Prototyping

Optimizing the performance of advanced Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems

Build the Best For Your Mission.

You’re responsible for designing the ISR sensor that best fits your mission—but the system options and trade-offs seem limitless. Radiant Solutions offers unmatched end-to-end advanced system modeling and prototyping capabilities to help you optimize sensor design and meet mission requirements with confidence and within budget.

Respected and recognized modeling and simulation provider to multiple U.S. intelligence, defense and commercial customers

Modeling covers sensor performance, flight profiling, attitude and orbitology, collection satisfaction, force sizing, architecture and visualization

Sensor prototyping allows for rapid design and development of high-performance systems for lab testing and field demonstrations

Agile software baseline easily accommodates new assets, payloads and requirements scenarios